Work Wellness

News You Can Use

  • Work Wellness is locally owned by the physicians who care for you and your employees.
  • Lifting and repetitive motion are leading causes of workplace injuries. Our physicians have expertise in musculoskeletal medicine.
  • 85% of workplace injuries are preventable. Safety training, workplace assessments, good housekeeping, and wellness programs are valuable tools.
  • Duke University found workers’ compensation claims to be 7 times more expensive for overweight employees. Healthy U can help.

Keeping America's Workforce Strong


Work Wellness is a full service occupational medicine clinic staffed by board certified physicians with specialized training in musculoskeletal medicine. They understand that people are a company’s most precious resource and work as a team with patients, employers, and insurance organizations. Through cutting edge and cost-effective medical care, employees will safely and quickly return to health. Worksite assessments, physicals, drug screens, ergonomic evaluations, wellness programs, and many other services are available.

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